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St. James has a separate program for the very young. In the Beginning is not about 45 minutes of play, it’s about reading Bible stories, teaching the reverence of walking to the altar, the mechanics of receiving or not receiving the Eucharist, learning to say prayers, learning about procedures for lines and toys, and how to interact cooperatively with our fellow man. All of this is followed by play! Sunday, 9:00 A.M. In the Beginning room off the PH.



Godly Play is a Montessori-based program where the teacher uses objects to tell a story of the Bible. Some of the objects were made by our parishioners, others were bought by the church as part of the formal Godly Play curriculum. A box of objects comes with a bible story that the teacher tells while sitting on the floor with the kids. We have five volumes of stories and a desert, rivers, people of God, saints, temples, animals, and the Holy Family. Godly Play is a well-organized program used in the Episcopal church around the world. Bible story takes place in the Godly Play room. Sunday, 9:00 A.M, meet in Creation room off the PH.



In preparation for entering into a story of the bible, children begin by reflecting and contemplating on one to two sentences chosen from that day’s Gospel reading. Children have a great ability to cut through complex issues and reveal the simple, heart-felt truth of a lesson. Having children exposed to the Gospel at this early age helps the bible to be more user-friendly. Sunday, 9:00 A.M, meet in Creation room off the PH.



St. James has a 20-book selection of books that feature parent-child discovery of the bible at home. Topics include praying, bullying, Jesus, etc. The selection and order form are in the back of the church in a 3-ring binder. Fill out the order form and take to the office or give to Stacy Quinn for processing. Books are free to families.





Kids of all ages are welcome at all services; that being said, we also have a special service created for the growing and challenging minds of youth. Youth are right to question, and we hope to respond to those questions and feelings at this service. See church calendar for time.



Youth enjoy hanging out together so we provide as many times for them to get together as their schedules permit. Activities include events like bowling, stargazing, hiking, sleepovers at the church, and ice cream and smores outings. Food and conversation are the glue that binds! Activities posted on the St. James calendar. Additionally, you may contact Jill Cline at


Children and parents are always looking for good books and movies to curl up with or share together. We created a book/movie list for your children and young adults—read the book, get out the popcorn! When talking about adult books, one of our priests said, “You can find God in every book.” Where is God in Charlotte’s Web or The Chronicles of Narnia? The conversation begins… If you have a book or movie to suggest or would like a copy of the list, please contact Stacy at


Bible-study friends

The most important gift adults can give to themselves is a recess to connect the stories and teachings of the bible to their every-day lives. How do all these messages apply to me? Why are they important 2000 years later? How do I incorporate them into my every-day life? BSF explores the messages of the bible through auditory teachings by way of a USB drive combined with related scripture in our varied personal bibles. We explore topics such as Faith, The Lord’s Prayer, Christian Belief, Abraham, The Book of Acts, and, of course, Jesus Christ. Generally, 38 individuals, couples, and families, listen to the teachings at home, followed by intimate and lively discussions. Additionally, there is a group discussion at church about the teaching and scripture. Teachings are by an Episcopal priest, church discussions are lay led. Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30 P.M., Choir Loft. For a schedule, USB drive, or questions, contact Stacy at



A diverse group of men meet weekly to discuss bible readings from Forward: Day by Day, a publication celebrating the joy of the Risen Christ. Thursdays, Wes Patterson’s home, 315 Leatherman St., 7:30-8:30 A.M. Contact Wes at



Every Advent season parishioners meet to discuss the miracle of Christ’s birth using literature, the bible, art, and music. 

One Advent season we had an all-church book club discussing The First Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach about Jesus’s Birth by Marcus J. Borg. Every year is different. Weekly during Advent. See calendar, InBrief, or e-Newsletter during Advent for series details.



Lent and Holy Week are the Playoffs and Superbowl of the Christian Calendar. It is the time period we devote to understanding why Christ came, what He taught, why He had to leave, and His promise of return. It is our time as Christians to prepare. We reflect on His teachings through a closer look of parables, religious art, scripture, and holy music from classical style to rock. It is a time we share and deepen our understanding. We start by sharing homemade soup, salad, and bread. See calendar, InBrief, or e-Newsletter during Lent for series details.



EFM is a program that equips the laymen for Christian leadership. Fr. Mike mentors you in the OT, NT, History of Christianity, and Theology of Other Religions. It’s a 4-year program that begins each September. Exceptional, in-depth program. Monday, 4:00-6:30 P.M. Contact Fr. Mike at



This is an all-women’s order based on prayer. There are 6 months of study questions to become a Daughter, which will bring you closer to who you are with Our Lord and reveal to you the power of prayer. We welcome you. Daughters meet on the first Sunday of the month, Godly Play room, 10:30 A.M.



Join us in this all-women’s inspirational book club. Contemplative, reflective, fun, intense, bonding, and too much laughter! Led by Sarah Goodman. Parishioners supply their own copies. For current book and questions contact Sarah at Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 P.M. Santiago room off the PH.



A discussion of contemporary literature chosen by the group. Wednesday, Santiago room, 12:30-1:30 P.M. For current book list and questions contact Norm at



This self-managed book group meets the last Thursday of the month to discuss publications with interesting, highly discussable, moral/ethical dilemmas or historical content. Meet at Dream Catcher office suite. Contact Catherine Guynes at



The Library books have all been donated by parishioners. We have a wonderful selection and all are welcome to check out books. It’s a self-check-out, honorary system. If you would like to become our new librarian, please contact or



The ultimate goal of the playground space is to make it a cross-generational gathering space. A place to play on our fabulous playground equipment, play four-square, grill green-chile cheeseburgers, smell the fragrance of lilacs in spring, and sit under our growing tree in summer. This is your space. Enjoy it with your family and friends. Contact Stacy to volunteer to further beautify it!



Volunteering can be a half-an-hour contribution to a major commitment of setting and implementing direction and vision for education at St. James. At any level, we enjoy working together and are always grateful for new hands, new ideas, and new hearts. To volunteer, contact Stacy or Fr. Mike at or



We all have gifts and we are forever grateful to those special angels who share their finances toward education at St. James. Their contributions are transformative for adults and children alike. To donate you may write a check and put Education Ministry or Education Designated Fund in the memo section and deposit it in the plate on Sunday or take it to the office any day of the week. Additionally, you may deliver your contribution to Stacy or Fr. Mike who will get it to the right place. Your financial gift will help us to take education at St. James to the next level. We are so grateful.



For questions, suggestions, praises, and contributions contact Stacy Quinn at or Fr. Mike at For complaints contact

Opportunities to Serve

Here is a listing of the many ways you can use your talent and experience at St. James.

Becoming Christian through Christ and Weeding

What would be more meaningful to put the Word of Christ in a child’s heart in a clean and loving environment or for an adult to take the bible off the shelf and see how it fits into their lives? Open your heart and share the gifts with which you have been blessed. Serving at St. James might include teaching, cleaning rooms, pulling weeds, staining, or planting. Any level of contribution is welcomed.

Stacy A. Quinn,

Sunday School Teachers

St. James has dedicated and enthusiastic Sunday School and Nursery teachers with the objective of teaching the stories of the bible and to have their experience at church to be fun. Occasionally they are absent and one of the parents familiar with the program and morning curriculum steps in.  If you would like to help with Sunday School, Please contact:


The Rev. Michael Olsen,