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The choir at St. James Church, Taos, NMThe music program, under the direction of Erick Brunner, is one of our church’s real strengths. We get compliments regularly about the quality of our choir’s singing, and the rich sounds from the pipe organ add a special “voice” that makes all services special. A bell choir is a recent addition to the musical wealth of our parish.


The St. James organ utilizes elements from two century-old instruments—pipes from a Henry Pilcher organ built in 1904 and a key desk, pedal board, and tracker chassis from Pipe organ at St. James Church, Taos, NMa Lyon & Healy organ built in 1901. There are two keyboards (a great and a swell) of 61 keys each and a pedal board of 30 keys. The organ has 12 independent ranks of pipes and 3 ranks completed by extension from another rank. The instrument is also equipped with 3 couplers, which enable stops from one division (swell, great, or pedal) to be played from another division.


A music program that we’re very proud of is actually housed at St. James. The Taos Youth Music School offers classes on four afternoons each week, after regular school time. Students, from kindergarten through high school age, learn to play instruments, and to sing and play together. One of the most popular classes is Garage Band, which has produced some confident and talented young performers over the years.


Opportunities to Serve

Here is a listing of the many ways you can use your talent and experience at St. James.

Singers and Ringers

We always have room for more singers and ringers. Add your voice to our fine choir, or your musical skill to our bell choir.

Erick Brunner,