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Sacred and Beautiful


Unquestionably, one of the most significant examples of artwork in St. James is the series of panel relief carvings done by the New Mexican artist Patrocinio Barela (ca. 1900–1964). Commissioned by Robert Kennaugh, a Taos resident and Anglican priest, the set of fourteen relief carvings was Barela’s last major work before he perished by fire in 1964. Kennaugh gave the panels to St. James, and they were installed by Rich and Kay Dicus, who were friends of Barela and members of our parish. Other carvings by Barela are seen in Taos at the Harwood Museum, the Millicent Rogers Museum, and the Martinez Hacienda. Shown here is station 4, Jesus meets his blessed mother.


Click here for a PDF file about Barela and his last, great work, the stations of the cross at St. James.


The large pine cross was carved by Elidio Gonzales (died ca. 1985) and inlaid with turquoise and silver by Larry Martinez, a Taos jeweler. The turquoise shells are a symbol for St. James. Designed by Edd Mitchell, the cross was gifted in memory of Shelley Mitchell, John Harper, and Malcolm Cottam.


The twentieth-century baptismal font is an octagonal shape, decorated with incised crosses. A standing gilt cross adorns the top. It was gifted by Eleanor Kissell and Mary Bell Kissell.


The main altar is made of walnut and hand carved with an Agnus Dei, the Lamb of God.


The authentic gothic design of the eight antique panels places them in the sixteenth century, perhaps even earlier. These screens were removed from gothic churches during the late nineteenth century to bring the congregation closer to the priest.



The cross was carved by Leo Salazar, who also carved number eight of the stations of the cross. The Christ figure was carved by Richard Dicus and painted by James Meeks.

Stained glass cross at St. James Church, Taos


The large stained-glass window at the front of the building faces and reflects the altar cross. This window, at the site of the original entry to the church nave, was crafted by Phyllis Nottingham, a parishioner, for placement when the church sanctuary was enlarged.

The four illustrative stained-glass windows, high on the walls of the expanded sanctuary, depict the baptism of Jesus, Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, and Jesus the Good

Stained glass window in the nave, St. James Church, Taos

Shepherd. Marcia Oliver, a parishioner, designed and crafted the four new windows.


The work by Ms. Nottingham and Ms. Oliver was accomplished in consultation and coordination with each other over the period of a year. The designs were developed together, and individual windows were crafted in the studios of the two artists. Installation took place in 2006.


Five untitled stained glass windows lining the walls of the choir loft were designed and made by Eric Gibberd (1897-1972) and gifted by him in honor of his mother. The themes of the windows were taken from the epistle of St. James.


Praying Woman in Parish Hall Entry Garden

The limestone sculpture of a seated Native woman, her face raised in prayer, is by an unknown artist. It was gifted by Jerry Miller in memory of his mother Elsa Headman.

Opportunities to Serve

Here is a listing of the many ways you can use your talent and experience at St. James.

Building Committee

The Building Committee has coordinated construction over the years, during our growth spurts, and keeps its eye on needed building improvements and acquisitions. Architectural planning and interior design are part of that mandate, along with design for memorials on the property and for an ongoing inventory of art works, furnishings, and equipment.


Jack Nottingham,

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management group is in charge of day-to-day operations and maintenance. Leasing and upkeep of the rectory and casita are part of that charge, along with operating and assuring usability of the kitchen and meeting other maintenance and housekeeping needs. Events planning is also in the group's responsibilities.

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